Social Media Workshop for Central European General Stores

Großartig war’s. Vielen Dank an Peak Performance und alle Teilnehmer. Hat Spaß gemacht!

Peak Performance Bulletin

Speaking about a brand driven company there is an importance that all communication channels speak a common language. The social media channels of all PP stores (own retail + franchise) are next to our global channels business cards to end consumers. Accordingly a need to give them heads up to secure „one brand one message“ and educate them how to use social media leveraging their store business in various aspects. With help from a Social Media expert and „digital guide“ Lukas Adda we could nail it the last two days (1 workshop in Salzburg / 1 workshop in Zurich)!

„Together Forward“ we are able to make a change!

// Sierk & Mareen



(impressions from Zurich location)

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